Many thanks and happy retirement, Alyssa!

Homebirth, Naturally was born out of the private practice of Alyssa Martin, CPM. Upon moving to northeast Missouri, Alyssa began attending births with two brand new assistants in tow. She dedicated much time and energy to supporting her clients and supporting the growth and education of her students. Sara served as a dedicated student midwife until 2016 when she joined the practice as a certified professional midwife. Thanks in large part to Alyssa’s excellent guidance, Sara evolved into the role of sole owner/operator upon Alyssa’s retirement in March of 2019. Many thanks to Alyssa for years of serving birthing people in Texas, Colorado, Oregon, and of course, northeast Missouri.

Sara Peters, Certified Professional Midwife

I enjoy exploring natural health and wellness for women and children. Originally driven by the desire to address my own health challenges, I am inspired to share my growing knowledge and experience with others. I trained as a doula in 2002 and mark that as the beginning my birth learning and work. The birth of my daughter in 2006 opened a door to greater understanding of the powerful impacts of labor and birth. I am a firm believer in the truly sacred and transformative nature of the birth experience for birthing people, babies and families. I became a Certified Professional Midwife in 2016.

Teresa (former student midwife), Alyssa (retired midwife) & Sara 2014

Student Midwives

Katrina Weaver of Memphis, MO

Julie Ferdman of Columbia, MO

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