Alyssa Martin, Certified Professional Midwife

I fell in love with midwifery after taking an introduction to midwifery course in Boulder, CO in 1998. After completing the course, I found my way to Maternidad La Luz Midwifery School in El Paso, Texas and have been involved with birth ever since. In 2001, I earned my CPM (Certified Professional Midwife) credential and have since been in private practice in Colorado, Oregon and now Missouri. Beyond midwifery, I also love to garden, play ultimate frisbee, knit, sing, cook, and spend time with my husband and young son in our strawbale home.

Sara Peters, Certified Professional Midwife

I enjoy exploring natural health and wellness for women and children. Originally driven by the desire to address my own health challenges, I am inspired to share my growing knowledge and experience with others. I trained as a doula in 2002 and mark that as the beginning my birth learning and work. The birth of my daughter in 2006 opened a door to greater understanding of the powerful impacts of labor and birth. I am a firm believer in the truly sacred and transformative nature of the birth experience for woman, baby and family. I became a Certified Professional Midwife in 2016.

Teresa, Alyssa & Sara 2014 (Teresa was a student midwife in our practice until 2016)

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